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Working with City's Institutions

Together with our institutional customers - Universities , Hospitals, Hotels, and other Agencies - The Laundry Bag is transforming the cities we serve. As a respected start-up, we're a mission-aligned service partner in meeting strategic plan objectives, fitting budget needs and finding sustainable alternatives.

Commercial Laundry for Small to Large Businesses

From an owner-operated hair salon to a government hospital and everything in between, we are the most responsive and cost-competitive laundry and linen provider in your city. We're the fastest, most responsive, most affordable laundry and linen solution for small to large businesses in our area. With a proven track record of serving hundreds of businesses in Raipur, Goa and Jabalpur. We'll wash the sheets and towels you own to shoes to carpets. Let's see how we can get you out of the laundry room and back to your business.

Sheets & Towels

Our linen program covers a range of products appropriate for use in businesses of all types and sizes. From the bedding for a 100 bed hospital to the hand towels at a local coffee shop.

Linen Rentals

Save investments on all the linen you purchase for your business, just order us according to your occupancy & we'll handle the rest.

All Under One Roof

From Sofa, Carpets to Upholstery, we have it all under control for you.